Is Programming Hard?

If you’ve ever considered a career change, you’ve probably thought about coding. After all, programming jobs are growing 50% faster than the overall market, and jobs that require coding skills pay $22,000 more each year than jobs that don’t require coding skills. Software developers and software engineers earn over $100,000 a year on average, with […]

The Successful Freelance Programmer: A Guide to Freelance Programming

In this article, I will show you how to become a freelance programmer so you can work while traveling the world or at home in your pajamas. Whether you are already a programmer working full-time for a company or a brand new programmer, I will show you how to create a successful freelance programming business.

What’s the Best Programming Language to Learn First?

Programming skills are in high demand. Recruiters want job candidates with programming skills, and people who can code earn higher salaries. Learning a programming language can also help employees break into in-demand fields like software engineering or web development. But beginners often don’t know where to start. So what’s the best programming language to learn first?