Eight Coding Careers For Self-Taught Programmers

Team work.

People often ask me what kind of coding careers they can pursue once they learn to program. While you can work as a software engineer, there are many other careers you can pursue as well. Here are a few career options for self-taught programmers.

Software Engineer

Software engineers design, construct, test, and maintain computer programs. Whether that means working on Tesla’s diagnostic system, improving Google’s algorithm, or working on a new product at a startup.

Average salary: $115,462 Continue reading “Eight Coding Careers For Self-Taught Programmers”

The Coding Education of Kevin Systrom: Creator of Instagram

Kevin Systrom programmer.

Self-taught programmer Kevin Systrom founded Instagram with Mike Krieger in 2010. While working a job as a marketer, Systrom taught himself to program and built the first prototype himself. Just two years after its launch, they sold Instagram to Facebook for one billion dollars. Systrom continues to manage the company today, and over the course of his leadership, he has kept the app elegantly simple, which has helped secured Instagram’s popularity. In this article, we will explore the coding education of Kevin Systrom. Continue reading “The Coding Education of Kevin Systrom: Creator of Instagram”

How to Secure your Website

A hacker.

You’ve built a website, and you are ready to take it live. Before you do, you need to make sure you secure it. Even if your site does not store any sensitive data, it could get hacked to act as a temporary server for malicious purposes like relaying spam emails, botnet propagation, and even bitcoin mining. In this article, you will learn how to secure your website against attackers.  Continue reading “How to Secure your Website”

300+ Pages of Inspirational Interviews With VR Pioneer John Carmack

John Carmack

I found an archive containing 300+ pages of interviews with VR pioneer and programming legend John Carmack. If you haven’t heard of him, John Carmack is a self-taught programmer that began his career leading the development of popular games like Quake and Doom. Now he is the CTO of Oculus Rift.  The interviews, which are long enough to fill a book, are full of gems like this: Continue reading “300+ Pages of Inspirational Interviews With VR Pioneer John Carmack”

Sabrina Pasterski: The Girl Behind the Next Einstein Meme

Sabrina Pasterski

There is a meme going around on Facebook about a girl named Sabrina Pasterski who built a plane at 13 years old, and the press is hailing as the next Einstein. I kept finding myself thinking about the meme, wondering if it was all true, so I decided to do some research to find out more about the girl behind the meme. Continue reading “Sabrina Pasterski: The Girl Behind the Next Einstein Meme”