Three App Ideas for’s Contest

If you haven’t heard yet, is hosting a contest to celebrate the opening of their new app marketplace. To encourage developers to build apps for it, they are giving away 180K prizes, including three Teslas, to the programmer with the best app.

Luckily, making a app is super easy. You can create a monday app using React, and they have excellent documentation that walks you through building an example app. Plus, they have a GitHub repository for a monday WordCloud app you can check out as well. If that isn’t enough, you can also get inspiration from past winners.

Building a monday app is easy. The hard part is coming up with ideas. So I decided to put together a list of monday apps I would love to see someone build.

Feel free to steal these ideas or use them for inspiration to come up with new projects.

1. Bug Squasher

Category: Software Engineering allows you to easily keep track of the bugs in your software.

To make this feature even more useful, you could build an app called Bug Squasher that keeps track of your bug stats.

For example, it could keep track of the total number of bugs your project has had over its lifetime. It would be awesome if you could also filter by date to see how many bugs there were during different periods. Also, you could keep track of how many bugs got resolved during different periods as well.

Finally, you could have a leaderboard at the top that shows what team member fixed the most bugs that month. You could even create virtual badges for the team members that have squashed the most bugs.

2. Amazudemy

Category: Marketing

As a marketer, I try to stay as data-driven as possible.

When you are selling your product on your website, it is easy to use data to make decisions.

However, staying data-driven becomes much more difficult when you sell something on another platform that doesn’t give you access to the data. For example, when you sell a book on Amazon or a course on Udemy.

I would love it if someone created an app that integrates with and helps marketers make data-driven decisions even when they don’t have information about who purchased their product.

Here’s how it would work. Say you are marketing your new book, it is only available on Amazon, and you are doing all kinds of stuff to promote it.

I want to be able to enter all of my marketing data into my board, and when sales drop, I want the app to tell me its best guess of why. For example, say I’ve been posting on Facebook every day for a year, but all of a sudden, I stop, and book sales drop 10%.

I want the app to tell me that sales dropped 10%, and it might be because I stopped posting on Facebook. Or, if I stop posting on Facebook for a month, and sales aren’t affected at all, I want the app to tell me that posting on Facebook might not be doing anything.

3. Streaks

Category: Wildcard

My favorite productivity hack is called Don’t Break the Chain. You can read the article I wrote about it for more details, but the basic idea is you use a calendar to motivate yourself to build a habit.

Every day you complete your new habit, you give yourself a green checkmark. On the days you fail to complete the habit, you give yourself a red X. When you’ve completed a habit several days in a row, your green checkmarks form a streak or chain of checkmarks, which will motivate you to keep going.

It is a simple concept, but very powerful.

I would love to see someone build an app that somehow integrates streaks into’s platform.

I will leave the how up to you!

Final Thoughts

Whether you use these ideas, expand on them, or come up with your own, make sure you don’t miss the November 30th deadline to submit your app.

You still have plenty of time to enter, even if you haven’t started yet.

If the task seems daunting, don’t worry; building a monday app isn’t very difficult, and it is a lot of fun!

Make sure to check out their documentation and get to work!

As for me, I am busy working on my app, which will be in the marketing category.

Happy app building!

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Cory Althoff is the author of The Self-Taught Programmer, which Book Authority named one of the best software books of all time.

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