The Best Programming Podcasts For Self-Taught Programmers

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You probably already listen to entertaining podcasts like Serial and This American Life. But did you know there are also programming podcasts, software engineering podcasts, and computer science podcasts that can help you improve as a developer? There are even coding podcasts that show you a day in the life of a developer.

Podcasts help programmers stay current on tech developments, and they also help people learning to code. Programming podcasts cover programming languages, the business side of software development, and thousands of other useful topics for self-taught programmers.

Self-taught programmers also often rely on podcasts for advice on advancing their careers, interviews with industry experts, and tips on freelancing. Podcasts help programmers solve specific problems, like collecting the right information to address a customer’s bug, and they offer general advice, like managing your mental health while working in tech.

Learning to code on your own can feel isolating. Podcasts offer a wealth of resources and support backed by industry experience, so you can always find something new to learn. Plus, podcasts help programmers think through problems outside of coding, like how to establish a freelancing career or how to succeed in a job interview.

Here are the best programming podcasts you can listen to right now, so you keep up to date with the latest trends and improve your career.

Best Podcasts for People Learning to Code

Are you at the beginning of your programming journey? Then you’ll appreciate podcasts focused on the challenges and benefits of learning to code. These podcasts offer a mix of coding advice, career tips, and personal stories to motivate new programmers.

1. Learn To Code With Me

Learn to Code with me logo

Laurence Bradford taught herself to code several years ago. She founded the Learn to Code With Me podcast to help other beginner programmers. Bradford covers topics like transitioning into tech and staying motivated as a beginner.

She also focuses on changes in tech, like her recent podcast on 7 emerging technologies to learn in 2019. After listening to the podcast, you can also read Bradford’s Forbes article featuring Cory Althoff.

2. CodeNewbie

Code newbie podcast

CodeNewbie is both a community of experienced programmers, people learning to code, and a podcast.

The podcast profiles a different guest each week. Each episode provides helpful advice on how to become a programmer. It covers everything from when to start freelancing, how to learn design, and how to level up your coding skills, so it offers something for everyone.

3. Start Here FM

Start Here FM podcast cover

Start Here provides practical advice for new programmers interested in web development. It explores topics like networking, how to improve as a programmer, and how to freelance. Hosted by Dain Miller, the podcast offers industry insights for new and established programmers.

Best Programming Podcasts for Interviews

Sometimes the best podcasts explore one person’s story. Interviews on a programmer’s experience learning to code or a professional’s experience in the tech industry help new and experienced programmers.

4. Ctrl+Click Cast

CTRL+CLICK podcast logo

Ctrl+Click Cast is a coding podcast for web designers and developers. The podcast tackles web programming and design, app development, and user experience design.

It also features in-depth interviews with industry leaders who offer tips and advice. Ctrl+Click Cast appeals to beginners and experienced programmers and developers, so you will enjoy it no matter what your experience level is.

5. This Developer’s Life

This Developer's Life podcast logo

This podcast is similar to the famous show This American Life. It focuses on the stories of coders so that you can get a glimpse into their lives. Episodes explore finding motivation, getting fired, and solving problems. With its people-oriented focus, This Developer’s Life provides a unique look into the tech industry.

6. Hello World Podcast

Hello World podcast logo

Do you love hearing how developers got their start? Then the Hello World podcast is for you! Host Shawn Wildermuth interviews a new guest for each episode and asks about the challenges they faced as a new programmer. In free-ranging discussions, guests share their first computer, their first software program, and their first tech job.

Best General Programming Podcasts

Programming podcasts come in many flavors. But the podcasts on this list do a little bit of everything. They offer in-depth technical discussions for seasoned programmers and interviews, as well as advice on the business side of programming, so you can learn how to get ahead in your career.

7. Software Engineering Daily

Software Engineering Daily podcast logo

First up is the Software Engineering Daily podcast. It discusses topics like augmented reality platforms, UI engineering, and technical investing.

Many episodes explore a single software or tech niche. Others look at broader topics like how to negotiate a salary or the gig economy. With new episodes every weekday, Software Engineering Daily fuels podcast enthusiasts who can’t get enough content.

8. Programming Throwdown

Programming Throwdown podcast logo

Programming Throwdown offers something for everyone. It covers everything from different programming languages to current tech news. Hosts Patrick Wheeler and Jason Gauci recommend books and tools, answer questions from listeners, and offer advice on tech topics.

9. Developer Tea

Developer Tea logo

Developer Tea is a short-and-sweet podcast for developers. It is a short coding podcast you can listen to during your tea break. It covers topics like writing tests, avoiding burnout, and improving as a developer.

Beginners also benefit from interviews with industry specialists, tips on networking and finding clients, and job interview advice. While each episode is short, host Jonathan Cutrell releases new episodes multiple times a week.

10. Software Engineering Radio

Software Engineering Radio podcast logo

Software Engineering Radio calls itself the podcast for professional software developers. It features in-depth discussions of advanced topics like domain-driven design, programming languages, and embedded systems.

Software Engineering Radio is known for the high-quality experts they bring on the show to share their knowledge.

Best Computer Science Podcasts

11. Introduction to Computer Science

introduction to computer science podcast logo

This computer science podcast by MIT Open Courseware targets students with little or no programming experience. It is in Python, which makes the examples easy to understand.

You might be wondering how you are supposed to follow along with code examples in a podcast? It includes high-quality video as well, which makes it perfect for learning more about computer science.

12. Computer Science

Computer Science podcast

Computer Science is a podcast by the Department of Computer Science at Oxford University, and it is perfect for programmers interested in exploring more advanced topics than the previous podcast.

It covers subjects like computational biology, quantum computing, computational linguistics, information systems, and more, so you are sure to find something that interests you.

13. Human Language Technology Lecture Series

csail hlt human language apple podcast logo

Another fantastic podcast by MIT. They created this one together with the Siri team at Apple. It features leading researchers in human language technology giving lectures.

You will learn about the fundamentals of spoken language systems, as well as the challenges researchers in HLT are facing and how they are attempting to solve them.

Bonus Coding Podcasts

After I wrote this article, I shared it with our Facebook community. They had a bunch of additional recommendations, so I am adding them here.

14. Syntax FM

syntax fm coding podcast logo

Several members of our community recommended Syntax FM. This coding podcast focuses on web development. Hosted by Wes Bos and Scott Tolinksi, it covers everything web development, including WordPress, front-end development, back-end development, and JavaScript fundamentals.

15. Coding Blocks

Coding Blocks coding podcast logo

Coding Blocks is another software engineering podcast our community of self-taught programmers highly recommends. The hosts started the show to share their years of experience and real-world problem-solving skills, which they do while remaining entertaining.

16. Test and Code

Test & Code coding podcast logo

As a programmer, it is crucial never to neglect to test your code. That is why I am proud this coding podcast is one of our community’s favorites. Just because we are self-taught programmers, doesn’t mean we don’t study computer science fundamentals and write plenty of tests!

17. Shop Talk

Shop Talk Show Programming Podcast

Shop Talk is about front-end web design and UX. If you are a front-end developer, you will love this show. Even if you aren’t, learning about UX is helpful.

Learning the basics of user experience can help you create more usable dashboards and websites when you don’t have access to a designer, or you want to mock something up quickly.

18. Changelog

Changelog podcast logo

Several members of the Self-Taught Programmers Facebook group praised the Changelog podcast by Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo. They cover everything from why Go is eating the world of software to Agile, to open-source.

Plus, they interviewed Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas, the authors of one of the best programming books of all time: The Pragmatic Programmer.


JavaScript Jabber programming podcast logo

Alright, technically isn’t a single podcast. It is a company that creates multiple podcasts, like JavaScript Jabber, Adventures in Angular, and Ruby Rogues, so including it in the list might be cheating.

Nonetheless, many members of our community recommended their podcasts, so you should take a look and see if any of them interest you.

20. MS Dev Show

.Net Rocks coding podcast logo

Carl Schweitzer and Jason Young host the MS Dev Show. Jason and Carl are both engineers at Microsoft.

The hosts talk everything Microsoft, including Windows 10, Azure, and .Net. If you are a fan of Microsoft, you are sure to enjoy their show.

Are you looking for even more programming resources? Make sure to read our list of the best programming podcasts as well as our list of the best programming blogs!

Do you have any favorite programming podcasts? Share them in the comments!

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